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Nguyen Huy An
Hanoi, Vietnam , 1982
Nguyen Huy An was born in 1982 in Hanoi and current based there. Huy An’s artworks reflect his intricate and poetic journey trying to draw the line of his thoughts, akin to water well’s still surface while there is beneath the endless osmosis accumulated from groundwater sources. His most recognized works are ‘The Great Puddle’ (2009) in Singapore Biennale 2013 and ‘A A Â’ (2014) in Disrupted Choreography at Nimes Museum (France). His latest solo exhibition ’78 Rhythms’ (2014) at Galerie Quynh featured his practice in almost a decade. Huy An is also part of 6-member performance collective named ‘Appendix’.
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1120 step k.n
Paper , 45 x 80 x 27 cm , 2012
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The Great Table
Wooden table, coal powder , Dimensions variable , 2008